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What if you had so many different, success-certain ways to free up, make and create any amount of free-time you choose… that you literally became a walking time-god?
Let’s not fvck around here.

You’re reading this page because you want to know one thing. How to have time for any object of your desire, and get to do everything you wanna do.
You see, I’ve just written a new book entitled
“66 Ways To Achieve Your Time-Freedom”
But there are 3 things you should know…
Number One
It is very explicit and NOT for BS-Lovers. We have received "hate mail" from outraged time-management "gurus" for Methods #19 and #63, specifically.
Number Two
It is very expensive. And therefore not for people too scared to implement the methods, tactics and techniques described within.
Number Three
Each one is GUARANTEED to work. I’ve personally not just tested, but PERFECTED each method. The +120,000 clients and I have already used them to free up hundreds of thousands of TIME, all around the world, from hardcore businessmen(and women) to newbie entrepreneurs, and every other business mind in-between. There's a decent chance a time master you know is a customer of mine.
So if you’re NOT serious about finally achieving time-freedom in all aspects of your life and 
make everyone think  you are a walking Time-GOD… it’s probably best you don’t invest at all.
  •  A little-known ‘detour’ strategy to put laser-focused productivity on steroids. (Method #2)
  •  A “fun ‘n’ filthy” tactic to produce hours of fun free-time. Using this bold maneuver removes every resistance in your daily tasks and FORCES success for you. (Method #17)
  •  The Secret Success Triad that instantly (and very subtly) makes you disciplined, professional and entrancing. (Method #1)
  •  How to make your mind experience what it’s like to have achieved your 5-year goal... before you even take the first step.(without using any drugs!) (Method #9)
  •  This single sentence breaks your bad habits instantly. Combine it with the “habit master” and create habits of steel in seconds. (Method #3)
  •  The Secret Of Energy Serendipity. Don’t freak out! It’s not mystical, magical or superstitious BS… energy serendipity is a powerful force available to you right now. Here’s how to tap into it… (Method #50)
  •  Why reading ‘BBB’ is the fool-proof way to unleash your inner business warrior. (Method #14)
  •  Why playing The BrainDump Game is the fastest and easiest way to Mind Reset. (Afterwards you won’t even think or stress about work  until you consciously decide to.) (Method #27)
  •  How to “hack” the incredible sleep INTO your lifestyle. The simple hack that does the work FOR you. (And don’t be surprised if everyone's hammering on your front door an hour later, but you remain in deep sleep!) (Method #15)
  •  Why imagining certain images in the bathroom lights your fire quicker than kerosene. (Method #24)
Did you know, when people are held at gun point, they are ALSO 
secretly 7X more productive? It’s true.
And I’ll Show You How To...
This is the exact type of thing you’ve always wanted but have never been able to find 
in other so-called time-management manuals.
In 66 Ways to Achieve YOUR Time-Freedom
Nothing is Held Back!
Regularly $297Today’s Price $66
A week before I released this program I decided to get feedback. I needed to know these strategies would land like an atom-bomb for anybody who put them to work.
But I couldn’t let just anybody see the program. I wanted guys and gals I knew would make sh*t happen.
Alex J, Age 24
“Felt like a kid with a bunch of 
new toys at Christmas!”
I read your new book cover to cover in one sitting, I couldn't put it down.

As I read it I found myself having a hard time deciding what I was going to try first... each page I turned gave me a new favorite to try... I felt like a kid with a bunch of new toys on Christmas morning and I didn't know what to play with first, I just knew I couldn't wait to start playing... and I did.

I started implementing the Night Rituals, and I must say I’m usually a hardcore night owl so wasn’t certain it’s going to work for me. 

I immediately followed the steps, relaxing my mind and body so I can go to bed 2 hours earlier than I used to, and therefore giving myself 2 more hours of free time tomorrow morning, just like that!

I then switched to the Dragon Plan and used all the 5 Dragon Laws to create the best daily plan for tomorrow, with zero resistance and based on my natural energy cycles ..

I’m 10minutes in reading the “BBB” and I already feel ready to sleep!! Simply amazing.

And after nearly a decade, I could finally get a full-night’s sleep AND have more time to work more on upgrading my business. 

From the second I opened my eyes, I felt a sensational rush in my body, an energy to do anything I want, so I DOMINATED the whole morning, took a nap, and then continued destroying all the tasks at hand. I got +3 hours of free time as well, which I spent with my girlfriend, doing “sports” activities... Priceless.

To anyone considering Dr. Vala Sebt’s new book "66 Ways", if you're on the fence, get off. If you go out and just use one idea per day, you'll never run out of fun, fresh techniques to do. 

You'll be different from all of the rest of the guys running the same old boring shit, you'll feel awesome cause you won't be in your head trying to think what to do... You'll have 66 tools to get the job done... Nuff said.

Nicollete D, Age 49
“You’ve Given Me The Power To Generate Time In Seconds!”
Finally got to use some of your idea from your book. It was magical! You may want to put a warning on your productivity techniques though I used all of them in one day and I almost lost control of time and space!

I was in flow the whole time, I got done 3x more work, with zero distractions in the same time; something seemingly impossible as a mother.
Now that you have given me the power to generate time in seconds I have to work on my Vision Plan so I get to use the rest of the book for achieving every goal I’ve set this year. I can't wait Dr.

Sheryl A, Age 27
“Now It’s Possible To Summon Focus Consistently And Predictably…”
My first thought was of the sheer number of creative ideas that you have made available, to achieve time-freedom in your life. And, make no mistake, these ideas will do just that. My second thought is how this book is all meat, no filler, and 100% refreshing in that matter.

What I learned is a creative way of thinking, to keep me on track, when I’m working. To me, this answers the question about what to setup and do throughout the process planning, in a way that makes my whole day as productive and as fun as possible. I also appreciate the energy reminder to consistently keep my energy up, even when a bad incidence tries to get me down at times.

The feeling that comes from reading this book is one of freedom, not only in my business, but, also the freedom in interacting with life as a human.

I’ve used a couple of the simpler techniques before,, and, have gotten good results.... but, you have taken it to a new level for me. Now it’s possible to get great results and summon focus consistently and predictably.... great fun.

I had this discussion with my poker buddies this week and they will be ordering this book, when it becomes available. Again, it's a no-brainer.
Floyd R, Age 52
“This weekend I’m declaring Vala Sebt Weekend!”
Your book is an amazing read. This weekend I'm declaring Vala Sebt weekend where I only run stuff from your book. I'll have an update for you on Sunday morning while I’m lying near the beach, and a lady coworker is next to me wondering who I'm writing an email to at 9am. 

P.S. Can’t see the screen because of the bright sunlight, I’ll update you soon.
How to leverage the current ‘Lazification’ of your competitors to bring all the success for YOU as the disciplined, alpha male/female. A business minds who WINS all the time.
(Method #6)
Morning RituValS: My flat-out favorite way to quickly turn my brain on, early in the morning. As quick and easy as switching a light. (Method #30)
And... when you get REALLY good at “The Magic Time Technique” you’ll find you can use it on any day at its specific time. And you’ll want to. Best part? It’s THE most important thing predicting your success . I guarantee you’ll be using it A LOT… (Method #22)
The often-overlooked power of The Incantation Edge. Every brain is a sucker for this but it’s NEWS to most people. (Method #23)
The 3-step sequence to have POWERFUL ramparts for your time and energy. The result? You instantly will have more time for your business... and your life. (Method #40)
This astonishing ‘3J’ strategy transforms your day into an achievement-packed brag story. (Method #28)
And we’ve only scratched the surface. Here’s another taste of the...
...inside what people are already calling the
‘street-smart businessmen's bible’...
  •   Do this to quickly to get your brain from flat-out lazy to an Ultra-Disciplined terminator. (Method #38)
  •  Wanna know the world’s most powerful nootropic? Hint: it’s NOT coffee, tea or drugs. (Method #51)
  •  Advanced secrets of productivity. Why a ‘questions’ trick is the #1 way to produce unstoppable energy. (Method #56)
  •  Plug-in super success language to your repertoire. Swipe my personal list of ‘thought-loops’ guaranteed to make you laserfocused. (Method #55)
  •  The art of Gradual Torture. Use this on every single habit you want to create. Mastering this skill turns you into a habit-master! (Method #34)
  •  The ‘Tony Stark’. A downright magical management technique “inspired” by IronMan. (Method #46)
  •  Use With Caution: The devious “Dragon Plan” that immediately creates a waterfall of true-freedom with everything you do. (Method #37)
It’s ALL about the structure. The complete accountability to create discipline in your life and learn how to annihilate the time and energy vampires.
  •  How to make your brain accept you’re going to do all the work in front of you, 10x quicker. Believe there’s nothing it can do about it. And loving every second of it. (Method #32)
  •   How to trigger a simple ‘brain hack’ so deceptively powerful, that destroys all the stress you feel every day. (Method #45)
  •  The 10to0 Sleep Secret passed onto me by “The Craig” -- a shadowy time master. (Method #12)
  •   How to use Francesco Cirillo's legendary “principle of 80/20” to to create the BEST to-do lists that ACTUALLY get accomplished. (Method #33)
  •    The Emotional Bank Account technique shared with me by a true secret high-performance coach. I never believed this would work… until I tested it! (Method #59)
  •  The “Unconscious Waking” technique to automatically make your brain Wake Up and Ready-to-Go, anytime you want. (Method #20)
  •  The REVERSE Hyperbolic Discounting. Still don’t quite understand why… but this magnifies focus like nothing else. (Method #5)
  •  3 little questions guaranteed to diagnose the source of your "uncomfortable feelings" and destroy them so powerfully… so brilliantly… you can't feel anything but peace. (Method #60)
  •  How using ‘achievement language’ can make your heart pound with motivation. Plus a proven ‘never fails’ script you can use as soon as tonight if you want. (Method #19)
  •   How to indirectly use energy ‘ramparts’ that make social media work for(and serve) you, instead of the other way around. (Method #41)
  •  A secret ‘dark side’ technique that takes your schedule from soul-crushing disappointment to elation, excitement and true satisfaction (with your HUGE achievements). (Method #29)
  •  How to produce a stream of ultra-productive hypnotic actions on demand... and… keep every "distraction" away from you forever. This is the kind of productivity secret that your future-self WANTs you to know. (Method #43)
A couple years ago, I was talking to a great busineswoman in a conference.

She was a professional CEO, great determination, great discipline, the whole deal.

But she had 'problems' (clearly not solved yet) in her own personal life.

One of them?

“I can't find time to spend with my boyfriend AT ALL.”

Want to know how she turned that around so things got WILD in her house?
  •  The Reverse Planning. Drop this into your daily plan and watch it land like an atom bomb. You won't have to sacrifice fun anymore. (Method #36)
  •  The genius of The Gradual Torture. Take your habits and chunk them into small-but not too-small pieces. One that creates intense INSPIRATION in you. (Method #34)
  •  The Contrast Pickup technique. Shamelessly stolen from the world’s best seduction masters. (Method #57)
  •  How to inject ‘sleep chemical’ to your brain so your sleep and therefore your body kneel at your command. (Method #11)
  •    How to mix rituals with physiology so your brain ALREADY feels like you’re completely awake (even if you only just woke up!) (Method #18)
  •  Ever heard of the “7-Deadly Sins”? Here’s the sleep version. It’s a LOT more businessy. (Method #13)
  •  How Elon Musk manages four companies, six children and his insane schedule, all while staying ULTRA-Productive. (Method #4)
  •  A single notebook guaranteed to forever-destroy "drowsiness" after eating. (Method #52)
  •   How to ‘engineer’ life rules so sneaky you'll make your brain(and others) do whatever you demand. (Warning: many people would call this ‘evil’. I call it AWESOME.) (Method #49)
  • The secret “Apreton de Manos” with success that unleashes the High-Performance KING inside you. (Method #21)
  •  The secrets of morning rituals that forges an almost immediate energy that LASTS throughout the whole day. (Method #25)
  •   When and what to measure to 5X your achievement speed. (Method #35)
Regular clients of mine will tell you I’m
a BIG fan of the “measurement” technique.
There’s something wired deep inside the human brain that NEEDS to be kept in-check.

Get too loose and "in-the-moment"? You lose time-freedom.

Become obsessed with planning? You lose time-freedom.

But find a balance between the two?
and it's
You’ll find out exactly how to master
this tricky strategy and become a productivity POWERHOUSE inside ‘66 Ways to achieve your Time-Freedom'.
Yep, even more!
  •  The productivity secrets of the ‘Tycoon’. This will multiply everything you do and makes it so much fun. (Method #58)
  •  A  classic time-management strategy with a new twist. (And why “cute” or “hardcore” strategies lose consistently to this almost-magical style of managing time.) (Method #7)
  •  Deploy this Weekly Plan to achieve all your goals of the week. Cut and paste… and… brace yourself!! (Method #63)
  •  REVEALED: The ‘keep your eyes on the process’ paradigm. Create intense, potent emotions toward your goals AND generate focus and productivity in a BIG way. (Method #62)
  •   A powerful little tactic to jump-start your brain again, just when before quitting. (Method #53)
  •        How to create a deep, powerful, hugely VIGOROUS energy by arousing every cell in your body. (Method #54)
  •   The right way to use reflection to immensely upgrade your plans. Be warned… reflection tactics are like playing with fire. Follow my lead or you WILL get burned. (Method #64)
  •  How both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk handle disastrous situations like a BOSS. (only answer these 6 questions) (Method #61)
What if I could tell you a secret that guarantees you will 
have much more free-time… and all I wanted in return was $1?
Imagine you and I are at the office working.

You’ve had your eye on this brilliant trip all day and it’s OBVIOUS.

What if I said, for a buck, I’d tell you how to easily free up enough time to enjoy the blue skies and tasteful food by tomorrow afternoon?

I’m talking FOR SURE. Like GUARANTEED.

And all I wanted was a buck.

Would you do it?

Of course!

Well I’ve got 66 different ways. And all I’m asking is $66 bucks.

It’s a no brainer…
And the price really doesn’t matter either way.


Because it comes with a cast-iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You don’t like it? You don’t pay. Simple as that.

But I know soon as you dip into this time-magnet treasure chest you’ll realize it’s the bargain of the century.

So if you don’t think it’s worth AT LEAST 10 TIMES your investment…

I don’t want your money.

And it couldn’t be easier to order. Just hit the button below and follow the simple instructions.

Soon as I get your order, you’ll be granted immediate access.

Welcome to the freedom dome…
The Vala Sebt 60 Day
Cast-Iron Guarantee
But don’t take my word for it. When you download 66 ways, here’s exactly what I want you to do:

Quickly flip to page 41 and read the one technique I give you on that page. Put the book down and forget about it, for now.
Armed with this technique - this one technique, only - I want you to go to the office tomorrow.

If you are an entrepreneur, make sure to use it in your own business tonight.

Walk-up with a brand-new discipline and do… exactly the strategy I taught you. Then don’t do anything.

If you don't find 3 more hours, spending it with friends, family, and doing the activities you've always loved to do, then I want you to come back home and get a complete, money-back refund. I’m that sure this technique will work for you.

When you love it, try other techniques, guaranteed to get you more free-time.
  • Enjoy complete time-freedom and get to do everything you love to do...
  • 7X your productivity, while focusing on tasks at hand like a laser beam...
  • Fulfil your true potential, living a life with no regrets with COMPLETE CONTROL over your destiny...
… My SIXTY SIX tricks and secrets will have you so spent from freedom, you'll sit at home with a goofy grin on your face. And absolutely no stress in your mind nor body.

In fact, I guarantee you will experience the free life of your dreams within 14 days… or… I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.
You see, when you know my 66 ways to achieve YOUR time-freedom, you have freedom of time or you pay nothing. You truly have nothing to lose. So click the "Buy Now" button you see on this page and join the rest of us inside right now.
Just Added! Get My 3 Bonuses(890$ total)
FREE Today With Your Order Before I Change
My Mind..
If you’re reading this message it means you qualify for a FREE Lifetime access to the Entrepreneur Lifestyle Course.

What is Entrepreneur Lifestyle Course? It’s my private ‘inner circle’ of business minds dedicated to total mastery in the art of entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur, it's no secret that you're constantly bombarded with different ideas and habits, different things other "gurus" say you should do to achieve productivity, discipline and so on.

So how do you decide if you should work more or go to the gym OR do yoga?!

The answer may shock you: There is no ONE answer! Contrary to what the "gurus" tell you, not every "success habit" is for everyone.

So how do you find the best ones, specifically for YOU? Simply go through my brand new special course “The Entrepreneur Lifestyle”.

Inside you’ll learn...
  • How to work REALLY hard and still be free and have a life, as an early entrepreneur
  • How to make sure you ONLY do the activities that are beneficial to YOU… even if nobody's talking about it and even if the 'Productivity GURUs' are telling you other stuff…
  • How to allocate your time the best way possible so you NEVER have to waste any more precious time on "trial-and-error" and only focus on the most important aspects of your life and business. PLUS so much more...
After you become a master of all the 66-Ways, there’s still one MAJOR monster you will have to crush every day: Decision-Making. 

We all know how hard it is sometimes, to truly choose and figure out the best option, as fast as possible. In this program you’ll learn exactly how to always make the best decision quickly, with only a simple mindset shift. 

From there, just use this mindset and you’ll have no problem making decisions nor will you have buyer’s remorse, ever again; just like that. How cool is that? No overthinking or gathering up more info required, your unconscious is doing that for you. 

That’s easily worth $200 of value. And in fact, I think this bonus alone is worth the investment of the entire program.
Just as important it is to delete bad habits forever, it is also VITAL to develop the success habits. As Tony Robbins puts it, “You form the success habits and let them form you”. These techniques are already responsible for pretty much EVERY success habit I have; from rising early to energy to self-discipline. They’re going to help you hone your skills and put what you’re learning into practice. You see exactly how I do it so you can model that. That’s easily worth $300 of value. 

I’m really really proud of this last bonus. And if there was ever a time to bet on yourself and go for it, it’s now because this bonus is only for everyone who joins the program by today.
So, to sum it up:
Inside the members’ area…
  • You'll learn the truth about work-life balance; how to work SUPER hard (only at the beginning), and still enjoy everything life has to offer.
  • You’ll see the mindset, the formula, how I decide quickly and firmly in the hardest of choices... believe me, NOTHING comes close to seeing it all happen LIVE right in front of you. And your only one tiny step away from ALL OF IT.
  • You’ll see for the first time in the history of personal development, exactly how I create habits of STEEL. (The Practical Way, not some BS Mumbo Jumbo!)
Click Below to Get ALL 66 Secrets + Bonuses Instantly
Regularly $297Today’s Price $66
P.S. One more thing. It’s important. When you order now, I’ll include an extra weapon in your productivity arsenal.

Here’s a fact I’m sure you appreciate: In today's world, if you're doing hard and valuable work, you're going to experience a demon called procrastination.

So how do we handle that? Give up and sit in the corner with your thumb up in your mouth, waiting for the right "mood"?

Hell, NO!

Here’s what you do: Watch my brand new special course
“4-Word Procrastination Crusher”.

Recently my most money-hungry mentees locked themselves in the conference room of their offices and created a 4-word video message that spots the untapped energy sources in your brain, and destroys procrastination the second it arrives. 

To test it, they copied this 4-word phrase and set it as their iPhone backgrounds. Within 24 hours, this 4-word phrase made them $2,380.16; by unleashing the "extra" time they've been missing out until now.

While you're competitors are procrastinating SO much with all the social medias, find out how to subtly and stealthily pass them, and get to YOUR beloved goals.

They won’t know what hit them.

Inside you’ll learn...
  • How to truly conquer procrastination, once and for all. In only 4 words, you'll have the work-ethic of Bill Gates and Elon Musk, installed into your subconscious...
  • How to make sure you are ON all the time, and if you'd like, make an extra 150-300$ by tonight…
  • A particularly BRUTAL technique for whenever I feel "tired" or "burned out" that shocks my brain and gets me going even faster...
  • How to trigger lazer-focus in your brain. Whatever you choose will be the only thing your brain sees in the entire room…
  • A ‘dark side’ technique to psychologically crush your competitors. Warning: This can take months to recover from. Use with caution…
And that’s just a taste of what’s inside.

Listen. It’s naive to think energy and motivation are "out of your control"! But with “4-Word Procrastination Crusher” you don’t have to worry about that.

You're only going to be concerned with what YOU need to do to be at the top of your game.

Hit the button below now before I take this gem of a course off the table for good…
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