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Why Do Over 5,000 People Call Dr. Vala Sebt
The Time Freedom Expert?

At 18 years old, Dr. Vala Sebt woke up one morning with only a few bucks to his name, and a slave to his monstrous schedule. He felt stuck, discouraged and frustrated.  

Then he discovered the power of the Time-Freedom Techniques. With more clarity and purpose than ever, Dr. Sebt went from having literally NO free time to enjoying the freedom lifestyle, all while handling three big businesses and acing medical school. 

Today he's known across the world as The Time Freedom Expert to Fortune 500 Executives, professional athelets, US Marines, best-selling authors and Hollywood luminaries. 

With the FREE Time Audit, you'll discover how much time you're currently unconsciously wasting, so we can take it off the table and put it in your calendar.
What's Inside Your Time-Freedom Audit:
 I'll walk you through my 3 Headed Time-Freedom MONSTER to get more Free Time, Instant Productivity, and add Ultimate-Freedom Lifestyle into your current day to day life.

 Your simple switch to triple your productivity by strategically enhancing your free time with my personal time-management method and planning tactics honed over the past 3 years in building my emotional and financial bank account from 0 to 99. (NOT 100; always room for improvement!) 

 How to leverage your skills to complete four hours of work in just one. Can you imagine NEVER leaving a to-do list undone? Can you see how fast your income will grow? How free you'll be? I can. Click below to triple your productivity in the next 7 days:

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